The Middletons

framilies, photography, portraits, soulmates

I haven’t known Michelle and Tracy very long, but already I have experienced their radical hospitality and their extravagant love. Sometimes I try to come up with words that will somehow explain or enhance the way you view these images, but I think these will have to speak for themselves.






Remember that you came from dust. Just as your lungs expanded and contracted for the first time this side of the womb, they continue.


Beauty found in unexpected places. Baby tickles and giggles. Dew drops on grass blades. Hands cupped around steaming coffee. Unexpected moments that require an almost unnatural and definitely unusual slowing down.


Loneliness that robs the richness of solitude. Wishing to be somewhere or someone else. The harsh judgment that passes so quickly when left alone to roam empty mind spaces.


Remember that you will return to dust. All that is now will not be forever. Take it day by day; breath by breath.