The Middletons

framilies, photography, portraits, soulmates

I haven’t known Michelle and Tracy very long, but already I have experienced their radical hospitality and their extravagant love. Sometimes I try to come up with words that will somehow explain or enhance the way you view these images, but I think these will have to speak for themselves.



Sveta’s Kitchen

framilies, photography, portraits

Sunbeams bursting into the kitchen through the window, we set to work. Chop, shred, simmer, skim, sauté, season, repeat. We laugh and share our time and lives together as our hours of attentive labor result in a soup my sister knows so well–from start to finish. Hearts fill to the brim with gratitude and grace and love and bellies fill to the brim with beets and cabbage and homemade beef stock.

Over Christmas, my sister and I got together to cook in her homey little apartment. The first time I ever ate borsch, I was a picky little 5th grader traveling to a new country and experiencing a new culture for the first time. Needless to say, I consumed a diet of mostly bread and butter and cheese and steered very clear of this beet dyed red soup.

Sveta is most at home in the kitchen, loves using her creativity with food and is REALLY  good at it. So she graciously let me be the sous to her chef for the day and let me give this heart warming Russian soup another try.